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ImagiMotions Films is an incorporated, and privately owned and funded company. Founded by DJ Abrams (CEO). In development, we have already mapped out our first three projects associated with this property. We will announce details as we near closer to our first project release date - which is tentatively scheduled for mid to late 2024.

Up-and-Coming Projects

Singh in the Rain
Indo-Canadian feel-good music video with comedic undertones.
Runtime: 10 minutes
Audience: G

New York State of Mime
Satirical mockumentary chronicling the war between New York City's clowns and mimes which began in the late 1800's.
Runtime: 60 minutes
Audience: PG

Punch Buggy
Edgy sci-fi story following a young boy, Danny, as he matures in the shadow of his father's trauma of serving in the Vietnam War. Upon reaching manhood in the aftermath of the passing of his father, Danny follows in his father's footsteps to enlist in the USAF. Danny experiences his own trauma while stationed in Iraq. Reconnecting to Punch Buggy from childhood (with the help of 'tourists' passersby), guides Danny to reconnect to the world he unplugged from. A magical journey of self-discovery; albeit fraught with hills and valleys. A 'tense' exposé rediscovering the past and connecting to the future to reconstruct and reshape the present and future. Sometimes a series of coincidences are just that. A coincidence when one is more aware of their self and surroundings while they are searching for something, and then finding it everywhere. Other times, not a coincidence. They are linked to a bigger picture. In the case of the former, one may recall the Punch Buggy road trip game. In the case of the latter as played out here, Punch Buggy is the vehicle driving the time line. Its driver and passengers altering the time line they are travelling.
Runtime: 90 minutes
Audience: PG-13 or R

DJ Abrams
ImagiMotions Films
Founder and CEO

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We are located in Vancouver, British Columbia (BC), Canada. Situated on the West Coast - known to locals as the "Wet Coast" due to the overabundance of rainfall. Specifically, we are located in the West End area of Vancouver. Our time zone is Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) or UTC-7:00.